About The Music

It is House and Techno, Groove and Funk, Jazz and Rave. I produce music. I play my music live. Sometimes I also play records.

The music above is a recording from a live gig in December 2010. Self-produced music only. The audience took over the microphone; I looped and re-played them.

About Me

Disko DNA - Dance the Night Away. My name is Johan. I make music for people to dance and sweat. I have been DJing for several years in Berlin, supporting the likes of Ben Klock, Florian Meindl, Digitalism, Andre Crom, Adam Port, Till von Sein and Robosonic. I love long energetic parties. I have an obsession with good sound. When I am not making music, I either follow my day job as a programmer at SoundCloud or dance to other peoples music.

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